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Automobile Accident Attorney

Every day, there are hundreds of car accidents in Albuquerque. While most of these are considered minor fender benders, there are those more serious in nature causing serious injury or death. If you find yourself in an automobile accident where someone is seriously injured or killed, you need to have an Albuquerque personal injury attorney on your side. The Salazar Law Firm has decades of experience representing victims and family members who have experienced a serious automobile accident. Our legal team uses a collaborative approach to putting that experience to work for our clients.

Insurance Companies

Every car accident resulting in serious injury or death will eventually have to face car accident claims. If the accident was the fault of the other driver, often times, the insurance carrier of the other driver will do whatever it can to avoid paying you compensation you are entitled. That is where The Salazar Law Firm can help. Our legal team has the experience in dealing with insurance companies, especially when the insurance companies are not willing to pay.

Never Negotiate with the Adjuster

Another reason you need our auto accident legal team is to deal with the adjuster hired by the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. Adjusters are usually a trained, highly skilled professional who will either try to persuade you to accept a minimal settlement or prove the accident was your fault. We recommend you not speak to an adjuster without having a car accident lawyer by your side. Instead, call our office immediately so that you can be properly represented.

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We are very successful in pursuing car accident claims on behalf of our clients. If you want to know how a skilled car accident lawyer can help you, give our team a call.

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