Albuquerque Personal Injury, and Probate Attorney

Jacob J. Salazar


The Salazar Law Firm is a local New Mexico practice with an office in Albuquerque, N.M.  We are dedicated to serving those injured due to the negligence of others.  Jacob Salazar has represented injured clients for nearly 10 years.  If you have been injured in a car wreck, slip and fall, Medical Malpractice, or you would like to present a claim for wrongful death, call us immediately!  We will provide you free advice to make sure you approach your claim in the best manner possible.  It is always imperative that you have an attorney to assist you.

If you are in a car wreck, we can open the claim for you, help you get a rental car, assist you with your property damage and possibly help you receive diminished value on your vehicle.  Best of all, we do not take a fee on your property damage.  We make sure the insurance company does not contact you directly so that we can present claims in a manner most favorable to our clients.  Our goal Is to make sure you are back to 100% before we present a demand on your claim.  We also work on a contingency fee, so we do not get paid unless you receive a settlement and you won’t owe us anything if you don’t receive a settlement.

Medical Malpractice lawsuits can be extremely costly. Medical experts are costly but necessary to prove your case. Let us assist you.  If you or a loved one has been debilitated due to the negligence of a hospital or Doctor, please call us.

Wrongful Death can be a very difficult claim to pursue because it means a loved on has died due to the negligence of others.  It is imperative that you contact an attorney to assist you in this difficult time.  Wrongful death claims can be complex and unfortunately the insurance companies cannot be trusted.  Let us help you through this difficult time and give you the peace of mind that you are leaving no stone unturned.

Probate can also be a difficult time for families as a loved one has passed on.  Let us help you probate the estate and make sure your loved ones wishes are carried out by probating the will.  If there is no will, you still must probate the estate if there are assets that need to be distributed.  We can help you with this process.

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    When a preventable personal injury occurs as the result of another party’s reckless, careless, or negligent actions, victims are often saddled with tremendous financial burdens.  Read more »